It can be hard to comprehend the scale of the average company’s data footprint. Not only do firms today have local hard drives and backups to contend with, but also mobile devices, memory cards and even virtual environments provided through the cloud. Every bit of that data needs to be managed securely and compliantly – not just in storage and transit, but also at the end of its lifecycle.

Everyone ought to understand the importance of erasing data. If you’re selling a smartphone on eBay, the chances are you’ll want to make sure the buyer, regardless of intent, can’t dig up your old photographs and text messages. Similarly, most companies have legal obligations to destroy any sensitive information they’re no longer using.

Note that when the Data Protection Act 2018 was updated with the introduction of the more stringent EU General Data Protection Regulation (25th May 2018), fines for acts of non-compliance increased significantly– the new rules stipulate penalties of up to four per cent of a company’s annual turnover, or €20,000,000 whichever is greater.

Unfortunately, secure data destruction isn’t actually that simple. We provide a secure data destruction service using government approved methods.

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